Turn Up the Heat with Tailgate Chili

Cups of Tailgate Chili

Cups of Tailgate Chili

Tailgate Chili

One of the benefits of fall is the return of tailgating season.  Whether you’re tailgating for a national football game or simply for your child’s, high school, football game, you’ll definitely want to bring some sort of filling food with you.  Chances are, you’ll have hungry wanderers throughout the parking lot and you’ll have friends with you, so the general theory when tailgating is “the more, the merrier.”  Make something that everyone can enjoy and that you can make in large quantities with leftovers.  The perfect tailgate meal is chili!

Different Levels of Spicy

Remember that not everyone will enjoy your preferred degree of spiciness.  You can always add more spice and heat, but removing spiciness is difficult.  It’s best to start small and add as you go.  Prepare one or two large pots of chili, divide the total batch into a few different containers, and then add a different spice to each container.  If this is the route you choose to take, make sure to clearly label the containers.  It could be disastrous if someone wanted mild chili, but instead burned with extra spicy chili.

While you’re browning the ground beef for your chili, season it with some Lawry’s seasoning salt to give even the most basic chili some extra flavor.  After adding the tomato sauce, tomato juice, beans, and noodles, stir in some Gebhardt Chili Powder.  This way, you have a good chili that doesn’t necessarily need more heat or spice. After you separate the chili into containers, add Firehouse chili mix or the Championship Chili Mix in mild or hot.  Each has a different level of heat, so you’ll have a good variety.  Try combining spice mixes to get the tastes you want. For brave souls who savor heat, stir in a bit of jalapeno salt or keep the preparations easy and buy a package of Ass Kickin Chilli Fixins, which contains just about everything you need except beef, tomato, olive oil, tomato paste, and onions.

A Spice for Everyone

Because tailgating is so popular, it might be a good idea to make a few practice pots of chili.  Have fun.  Get your tailgating friends involved and have a chili cook-off!  Gather all the spices you and your friends may need, select a house to meet at, and have everyone bring their own chili pot, so that you don’t get each recipe confused while the mixes are simmering.  Make a game out of it!  Use the chili to determine the order of who brings food to each game.  The winner brings the chili to the first game; the second best brings chili to the second game, and so on.  Not only is this a good way to perfect your chili before tailgating season really hits, it’s also a great excuse to get together and have a party with your friends.

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