Tips for Storing Herbs and Spices

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Herbs and spices can make an ordinary dish extraordinary and are a must in a well stocked kitchen, but how long can they be stored?

Spices come from the roots, bark, and seeds while herbs┬ácome from the leaves and seeds of plants. The shelf life of herbs and spices is very long, however their flavor and strength can diminish over time. Spices have a longer shelf life than herbs with whole spices staying fresh for up to 4 years. Once they have been ground they don’t last quite as long, maybe 1-2 years depending on how they have been stored. The same goes for herbs.


To ensure a long shelf life of your herbs and spices proper storage is crucial. It is vital that they be kept away from light, heat and air. The best storage is in air tight containers labeled with the date of storage kept in a cool dark place. You will find that our herbs and spices are more potent than restaurant blends and are a higher quality thus ensuring a longer shelf life.

Once in a while its a good to take a sniff and taste if its color is dull or less flavorful why not treat yourself to a new one!




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