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Flavored Popcorn

Holiday Popcorn Tin

Sarah and I are popcorn fanatics. We love just about any kind of popcorn. Sometimes we’ll go to the movies just because we are craving movie theater popcorn, even if there isn’t really anything we want to see. I know, I know movie theater popcorn is overpriced and laden with fat, but come on, it is delicious. We have one of those mini movie popcorn poppers in our basement for our movie nights or the occasional mid afternoon snack. We love caramel corn, cheese corn and pretty much any other type of popcorn that is out there. So it was a great surprise when we found out that The Great American Spice Company carries a wide variety of different types of popcorn kernels and flavorings. We decided that we would begrudgingly (wink, wink) make it our mission to try new and exciting types and flavors of popcorn, after all homemade popcorn flavoring recipes must be more healthy than movie theater popcorn, right?

We started out with just a simple cheese popcorn. We just sprinkled some cheddar cheese powder with our popcorn to coat it and it was an easy, cheesy snack. The next thing we tried was a buffalo wing flavored popcorn. We used some buffalo wing seasoning mix and added some blue cheese powder. This one turned up the heat! It was way too spicy for Sarah. I enjoyed the first couple handfuls, but then it began to become too spicy for me too, even though I love spicy things. However, it had great flavor, it was just spicy. I think next time we may toss some butter with the corn in order to reduce the spiciness of it.

The next one we tried still needs some work, but I have high hopes for it once I get it figured out. It is a guacamole corn. I used avocado powder, salt, pepper, onion powder, garlic powder, and some dried cilantro leaves. Once I get the proper proportion figured out I will be sure to follow up with this post to let you know what works the best.

If you’re a BBQ freak like me, try using the BBQ mix that I use for my BBQ potato chips because you know you can’t go wrong with BBQ flavored anything. The recipe for the seasoning mix can be found here: link to bbq chip post.

The possibilities truly are endless. We will continue to experiment with different flavors of popcorn and will let you know what works and what doesn’t. In the meantime, feel free to experiment on your own and let us know your successes and failures as well.



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