How To Deep Fry A Turkey

Deep Fried Turkey

Deep Fry a Turkey

How to Deep Fry a Turkey

First, be sure to always cook outside and keep pets and children away from your “cooking zone!”

You will need to have 2 thermometer’s on hand, one to track the oil temperature and one to track the turkey temperature. You really don’t want to deep fry any turkey over 15 lbs because the outside will get brown and done before the inside.

Oil should be 4-6” from top of the pot after the turkey is submerged.  We offer advice below on how to make sure you add the proper amount of oil to the frying pot.

Wash and dry the turkey, completely remove innards and plastic from around legs. Remove wings and rub them down be cooked separately. When handling the turkey make sure to keep all surfaces clean if wearing gloves change often.

To find out how much oil you will need to place the turkey on the rack and set them inside the pot, fill with cold water until the water is one inch above the legs. Measure and make sure you are at least 4″ below the top of the pot. Slowly pull the turkey out making sure to drain all water from inside the turkey, again measuring how far down the water is now from the top of the pot.  Mark the spot with a ruler, and fill the pot with oil to that level. Now you know how much oil to add to the pot. Drain the pot of all the water and dry completely. Select the oil of your choice, .

We like to cook the wings and legs separately, we like to add a little rub and cook these while your turkey is frying. When adding the rub to the wings add just enough to coat well and rub in let set for 30 minutes to marinade well. The Great American Spice Company has many rubs and flavors to choose from.  We used Big Girl Rub on these wings. This is just our preference, you don’t have to cook your wings separately.

We have a large variety of injection and marinades, after you select the right marinade or injection for your turkey open the packet and add the 4 oz. contents to 2 cups of warm water so everything dissolves well. Using a meat injector, inject 60% of the flavoring into the breast meat of the turkey (not just below the skin because if you do it will splatter and possible burn) because the breast meat tends to be drier, the other 40% goes into the thighs and leg meat. Let marinade for 30 minutes at room temperature, this way you give the turkey a chance to dry which reduces the chance of causing any splattering from water and oil meeting. The 4 oz.package is big enough to do a 15 lbs. turkey.

Be sure to keep oil at a constant 315°- 350°anything below 300° the turkey will start to absorb the oil and taste greasy. We used Canola Oil, we like to use an oil with a neutral flavor and a high smoke point.

Place your turkey on the rack, always fry with the legs up. When placing the turkey into the hot oil, it is extremely important to do this VERY SLOWLY! The slower you submerge the turkey into the oil, the safer you are.  As long as you keep a steady temperature, a 12-15 lbs. turkey should take approximately 45 minutes to an hour to cook.

There you have it, that is how to deep fry a turkey.  Enjoy!

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