Homemade Beer and Holiday Ale’s

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Homemade Beer

Homemade Beer

While I may not be able to “speak fluent French . . . in Russian” or “win the Lifetime Achievement award . . . twice”, I do have something in common with The Most Interesting Man in the World. That would be that I don’t always drink beer. However, when I do, I enjoy to try a variety of different kinds. My favorite beers are full bodied, dark beers.  These will typically be Irish Stout type beer or maybe a nice brown ale. Then there are other times where I may enjoy a fruit beer such as a blueberry ale or raspberry wheat beer. Finally, there may be a time or two a year when a nice light beer just sounds good. So as you can see I have a bit of an eclectic taste in beer.

I’m telling you all of this basically just to get to the point that I have started to brew my own homemade beer. Sarah got me a beer brewing kit several years ago and that got me started. The first time I did it we lived in a tiny, one bedroom apartment in downtown Fort Wayne. I didn’t have a lot of room in the kitchen or many places to store my beer as it fermented, but I loved it. I’m a bit of science geek, so the science involved in brewing the beer intrigued me and hooked me right away. The first beer I brewed was an Irish Stout and let me tell you, the three or four weeks that went by between starting the brewing process and time that I could actually take my first sip of the beer that I brewed seemed like an eternity. It ended up turning out very well and I was very pleased. But for some reason my brewing kind of fell to the back burner and I didn’t start back up again until recently.

Eventually I started to brew again and immediately fell back in love with it after my hiatus. The most recent homemade beer that I brewed was a holiday ale. It started as a fairly standard amber ale, but then I added an ounce of sweet orange peel, 1 tablespoon of cinnamon, 1 tablespoon of cardamom seeds, and half a tablespoon of ground ginger during the final 15 minutes of my boil. While Sarah may disagree, I thought that the aroma that filled the kitchen during the process was great. What was even better though was the taste of the beer once it was finished three weeks later. It had a little bit of bite to it that I enjoyed and the spices that were used shined through. The cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, and orange peel produced a wonderful flavor that reminded me of Thanksgiving or Christmas. Plus, the ale is 7.1% alcohol by volume so it packs a bit of a punch that’ll keep you warm on those cold winter mornings.

So if you’re a home beer brewer, I would love to hear from you. What is your favorite homemade beer to brew? Do you have tips that other home brewers may find handy? I would love to hear your experiences brewing at home and while you’re here, check out The Great American Spice Company’s great selection of brewing ingredients that can be used in your next homemade beer.


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