5 Grilling Tips and Suggestions

BBQ and Grilling has been woven into the fabric of American culture since the 1950’s when George Stephen got an idea after inheriting a controlling interest in a metal spinning company called Weber Brothers. Since that day, firing up the grill has been a sacred ritual heralding the start of summer. In 2009 there were more than 500 BBQ competitions across the U.S with top prizes as high as $75,000. Secret recipes are jealously guarded.  The debate over charcoal vs. hardwood vs. propane remains as hot as the grills themselves.

1. Consider the Whole Menu

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to spice rubs, BBQ sauces, or marinades. Although many flavorings are interchangeable, others have specific purposes and unique flavor signatures.  Do some research and consider the overall “taste goal” of your meal.  Also, consider how vegetables and side dishes will be complemented by the flavor you’ve selected for the main course. Sticky Fingers Carolina Sweet BBQ Sauce  is an example of a sweeter sauce that works well with a blander, starchier vegetable like baked potatoes or corn on the cob. Sticky also has a pleasant bite on the backend to satisfy the spice lovers at your table without overpowering the underlying flavor of the main course.

2. Choose High Quality Ingredients

Quality also means picking the best seasonings and spice blends to bring the flavors of the food to the surface.  If creating your own BBQ dry rub seems too ambitious, start with a premixed blend like Grandpa’s BBQ Rub.  These products are formulated so the ingredients complement each other and help take out some of the guesswork. Standard practice when using any dry rub advocates using generous amounts rubbed into your meat and allowing it to rest to reach maximum flavor. The rub will then caramelize on the grill and create a pleasing crunch and superior texture. The result is a savory aroma and complicated taste that doesn’t overpower itself as so often happens with other BBQ products.

3. Temperature and Cooking Time

A common problem when grilling is undercooked or overcooked meat.  Apart from being potentially dangerous, using a premium cut of meat will mean nothing if it is reduced to ash or still raw when served to guests.  Make a meat thermometer part of your BBQ Utensil Set and follow correct temperature guidelines.

4. Try Something New

There are many products that can bring a lively new twist to traditional BBQ so don’t be afraid to experiment. Products like those in the Yulicious Gourmet Brand specialize in offering an alternative to traditional BBQ sauces relying on herb and spice blends to enhance the natural flavor of food rather than traditional “tomato-based” preparations.

5. Taste Test

Ultimately, you are the judge of what sauce, rub, or marinade works. Taste the food yourself as you prepare it. If it doesn’t taste good to you it won’t taste good for your guests. Don’t be afraid to fiddle. The end result will be worth the risk.

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