Fun Facts on AllSpice

Whole Allspice

Whole Allspice

  • Allspice seasoning is derived from the dried berry of the Allspice tree
  • The tree got its name when the British couldn’t decide which spice it was so named it all spice
  • It has notes of cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves
  • The oil is exacted and often used in cosmetics such as the mens fragrance old spice
  • Allspice is native to Jamaica and central America with most of the Worlds allspice being grown in Jamaica
  • In the 19th Century Russian soldiers added allspice to their boots to keep their feet warm
  • The Arawak Indians of the Caribbean used the spice to cure meat
  • Allspice can be used as berries, freshly ground or as a powder

Recipe Ideas:

  • Pickling fish such as Herring in Scandinavia
  • In marinades
  • In pates
  • Add to sausages and terrines
  • Add to cakes and pies
  • Add to Christmas pudding
  • Use to make Jamaican pork Jerk
  • Add to soups and pureed root vegetables

So the next time you get allspice how will you use this most versatile of spices?

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