Eight Healthier Grilling Spices

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Eight Healthier Grilling Spices

The air is warmer, evenings are staying lighter, and you’re dreaming of that smoky aroma of sizzled steaks on the grill. Enjoy mouth-watering BBQ chicken, grilled jumbo shrimp, and seasoned vegetables, while still reducing your fat and salt intake.  How? We’ve uncovered a line-up of amazing grilling seasonings and spices that keep healthy dishes tasting delicious without the excessive salt or chemical additives found in many common rubs.

1. Doctor’s Choice Salt-Free Seasoning

The salt is low, but the taste is memorable. Slice up some bell peppers and kabob chicken. Shake Doctor’s Choice Salt-Free Seasoning over each and grill. Savor the combination of pepper, onion, celery seed, basil, parsley, red pepper, mustard, marjoram, coriander, oregano, cumin, thyme, rosemary, garlic, orange peel, lemon peel, tomato powder, carrots, and lemon juice powder all in one bottle.

2. Dr. Larry’s No Salt Rub

Get the taste of sweet chili without the excess of salt with Dr. Larry’s No Salt Rub.  While there is sugar in this rub, the lack of salt and the combination of other ingredients make this seasoning a decent grilling alternative. The other ingredients include: chili powder, lemon powder, onion powder, ground celery seed, ground black pepper, basil, marjoram, sage, and cumin. Sprinkle Dr. Larry’s No Salt on seafood, chicken, or baked potatoes before grilling. 

3.  No Salt Garlic Pepper

Spread low-fat margarine on French bread and pinch to top with no salt garlic pepper. Grill the bread for about a minute on both sides or until toasted.  Made of Tellicherry black pepper, garlic, and lemon zest, you have to try this healthier grilling spice on low-fat turkey burgers, too!

4. Salt-Free Lemon Dill Seasoning

Wash, devein, and skew about twenty pieces of jumbo shrimp and top them with No Salt Lemon Dill seasoning. Grill and enjoy the light, citrus hint.  We like to top cod, catfish, and grilled zucchini with a splash of lemon and dill spices, too.


5.  African Bird Pepper

African Bird pepper is a healthier spice and it bites (in a good way), so use it sparingly.  You won’t miss salt or sugar when you’re crying from this Cayenne pepper substitute!  Rub a small pinch on corn cobs, cucumbers, or shrimp rubbed in low-fat, low-sodium margarine. Grill and enjoy, but keep a glass of soy milk nearby to chase down the heat.

6. Stevia

If you’re trying to reduce your sugar intake, but have a serious sweet tooth, Stevia is an herbal spice to explore. This green leaf powder can replace sugar in BBQ rubs and sauces and serve as a weight loss aid.  Combine Stevia with paprika and low-fat margarine. Rub the mix on corn cobs and grill them with husks on until the corn is steam cooked to perfection.

7. Ginger

Ginger is not just for Grandma’s favorite, snap cookies. There are interesting, anti-inflammatory, medical benefits to ginger that suggest it’s an ideal spice for healthy grilling.  Rub ginger and Stevia, as a sweet sauce alternative, over chicken wings or lamb.

8.  All-Inclusive Gift Sets

There are a couple packs that we recommend, which include several low-salt or heart-healthy spices and seasonings.  Buying the spices in bulk can save on an entire summer’s worth of grilling.  The heart healthy seasoning gift set is a fresh array of low-sodium spices and includes ginger, Doctor’s Choice Salt-Free seasoning, red pepper, garlic powder, cinnamon, and turmeric. Each of these spices in combination or individually can turn bland vegetables into tastefully healthy eats.

American Spice’s salt free seasoning kit includes Herbes de Provence, Doctor’s Salt Free Seasoning, lemon dill seasoning, No Salt Garlic Pepper, Dr. Larry’s No Salt Rub, and Fines, Herbes. Rub them on meats as healthy alternatives to salty rubs.

You have many healthy options available to you when cooking over the grill.  Over time, choosing low-sodium, low fat, and chemical-free spices and foods can help to reduce your weight and fend off disease.

Share with us some of your favorite, healthy spice combinations and recipes for grilling.

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