Cheesy Chicken Green Chile and Bacon Grenades

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I know that in some parts of the world (like Indiana for instance) the thought of using your grill or smoker with a cajillion feet of snow on the ground seems crazy. But it can take you back to a time when there was this green stuff covering part of the ground called grass. And birds sang out of delight not as a way to beg for food. And that bright yellow ball in the sky felt warm on our bodies and was not just a way to go blind as its gamma ray brightness bounced off the snow.

It might take a little longer to warm up (the smoker took, I kid you not 30 minutes to get to temp.) and it will almost definitely take longer to cook, but the smell takes me back to a time when I wasn’t wearing 13 layers of clothing in an effort to stay dry and warm.

Ah spring. Hurry the heck up huh?

These Cheesy Chicken Green Chile and Bacon Grenades were the perfect answer to the “tell me again why the heck are we grilling/smoking when it is -15° today?” question.

Trust us these are worth digging out your grill/smoker for.

Cheesy Chicken Green Chile and Bacon Grenades

Cheesy Chicken, Green Chili & Bacon Grenade


4 chicken breast halves, butterflied and pounded thin
Your favorite chicken seasoning. We used SZEGED Chicken Rub
8-12 serrano peppers, seeded, deveined and sliced into thin strips
8 oz of your favorite cheese, sliced into thin strips. We used fontina.
8-12 slices of bacon, thin sliced.

Take your thin chicken cutlet and lay it out on a piece of plastic wrap.

Sprinkle it lightly with the of the SZEGED chicken rub.

Lay a few strips of serrano and cheese along the center of the chicken and roll the chicken up around the cheese and chilis.

On another piece of plastic wrap lay two pieces of bacon, with ends over lapping, in the shape of an “A”.

Lay the chicken roll wit the top of the rool on the point of the bacon and weave the bacon around the chicken roll. This is where I wish we took pictures, but it is really simplier then it sounds. You just want to cover the chicken roll in bacon. fig 1.


Cheesy Chicken, Green Chili & Bacon Grenade

fig. 1 – Wrap that chicken roll in bacon.

No place on a rack in a pan and place on your smoker at 325° for about 90 minutes.

Move to a hot grill to crisp up the bacon. About 15 minutes.

Slice and serve immediately.

Cheesy Chicken, Green Chili & Bacon Grenade







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