Caramel Corn
Recipe for Caramel Corn

Growing up, my dad was famous for his recipe for caramel corn. He would make this tasty snack for any get together or holiday that we went to. If he didn’t take his caramel corn to some event, there would typically be a small riot as people realized they would not be able to enjoy […]

dilly cucumber salad from The Great American Spice Company
Cucumber Salad Recipe

We are starting to really jump headlong in to my favorite time of year, when veggies are just jumping out of the garden, and fresh produce is cheap and plentiful. Even if you don’t have the space to have your own garden, there are plenty of places to get local produce. Gardening friends are often […]

Smoking Chicken WIngs
Mild to Wild Smoked Chicken Wings

This past weekend we had a BBQ competition in Franklin, Indiana. (A BIG Smoke & Honey THANK YOU to the Great American Spice Company for their sponsorship!) It is a lot of work but a lot more fun. We always meet great people and eat some great food. Where the Saturday day of competition is […]

Homemade Jalapeno Cheddar Bratwurst on the Grill
Homemade Jalapeno Cheddar Bratwurst

About a week ago I got it in my head that I wanted to make my own sausage. Not just make the filling and use loose as I already do with stuff like chorizo, but take that filling and stuff it into a casing and hang it in a curing cabinet or toss it on […]

Bacon Wrapped Shrimp Diablo
Bacon Wrapped Shrimp Diablo

There are few things that make peoples mouth water like grilled shrimp. Wrap bacon around those shrimp and you may have a riot on your hands if you don’t have enough for everyone. That is never a problem at our house. We are used to cooking for a crowd and we love it. But when […]

Smoked BBQ Brisket
Smoked Brisket

Thankfully the weather is getting nicer. We learned the hard way (at a BBQ rib competition BTW) that cold blustery unforgiving weather plays HAVOC on a smoker. The ribs turned out great – our sanity on attempting to make the ribs turn out great was pushed to the breaking point. However we are like the […]

Homemade Catsup
Homemade Catsup

I recently procured the base of this recipe for homemade catsup and loved it so much, I just had to doctor it up a bit and share it!  We’ve been paying more attention to the products we consume, who would have thought catsup would have so much high fructose corn syrup and other preservatives in […]

Homemade Chorizo & Eggs
Homemade Chorizo

Chorizo is a gift from the gods. The first time I ever had it it was a taste bud explosion of awesome. That fateful day I had it smothered in queso with onions, some warm tortilla on the side for slathering that cheesy chorizo on and eating it down with reckless abandon. Best. Night. Ever. […]

Jamaican Jerk Chicken
Jamaican Jerk Chicken

I have never been to Jamaica. However I love reggae music, I love the beach and there is absolutely nothing wrong with some deliciously spicy jamaican rum. And don’t get me started on their food. Too late. I LOVE Jamaican food! Beef patties, curried goat, fried plantain and breadfruit and jerk ANYTHING! And yes of […]

Southern Vinegar Style BBQ Sauce
Southern Vinegar Style BBQ Sauce Recipe

As spring gets closer and closer, any little warm up we see makes me want to break out the smoker, even if the warm up is only to about 45 degrees. This is what happened a couple weekends ago, so I decided to get the season started with a smoker full of ribs and a […]