The Great American Spice Company Presents Ginger Recipes
Great Ginger Recipes

Are you done with your holiday baking yet? Not so much, right? We like to get lots of treats baked up to share at Christmas, but there is so much to do, that sometimes we don’t get everything done that we’d like. We still have time though, and so do you! We asked some bloggers […]

Great American Spice Company and 25 bloggers share cinnamon recipes!
25 Bloggers – 25 Cinnamon Recipes

Even though I hate to admit it, summer has more or less slipped through our fingers. It was just Labor Day weekend after all – a sure sign here in U.S. that it’s time to start raking leaves and eating pumpkin everything. And that also starts to turn our thoughts to making some comforting food […]

applesauce spice muffins
Applesauce Spice Muffins

Hasn’t this been an terrible winter? I don’t think any part of the country has escaped some part of the general awfulness of it. I know that for us here in Upstate NY, it has been especially brutal with nearly two whole months of below-zero temperatures, and snowfalls measured in feet, not inches. It’s not […]

Smoked Sausage
Quick and easy baked sausage meal

Whatever the reason you’re busy, you can make this meal work for you! By cutting each of the main ingredients into chunks, adding spices and oil, and throwing onto a baking sheet, this baked sausage dinner is simple, cheap, and delicious! Ingredients: 1 lb package smoked sausage 4-5 Yukon Gold potatoes (scrubbed) 1 small jar sliced banana […]

Pull-apart dinner rolls

  Looking for something different or maybe just with a little more flavor and warmth this winter season? We love this recipe for dinner rolls similar to the sweet monkey bread concept. Ingredients: 5 tubes refrigerated crescent roll dough EVOO to drizzle 2 T dried dill 2 T dried oregano 2 T shredded cheddar cheese […]

baked biscotti
Brownie Biscotti

Picture this: the gifts are all wrapped, the potatoes are peeled, the stockings are filled and you are finally sitting down for a few peaceful moments before a crowd of merry-makers descend upon your house. Not that you aren’t looking forward to the chaos to come – of course you are! Still, it is nice […]

Banana Cranberry Pound Cake
Banana Cranberry Pound Cake

Two things that always have a tendency to reside in my freezer, besides bacon, is bananas and cranberries. Bananas because I buy a bunch, eat one and go oh crap they are turning brown, I will just pop them in the freezer for use later. And cranberries because after the end of the year, they […]


I know what you may be thinking. Gingersnaps? Those horrid, hard cardboardy things old Aunt Mildred kept in her cookie jar? Kept in her cookie jar forever in fact, because no one would ever eat them? Gingersnaps? No no no! I am talking about rich, buttery, deeply spicy, snappy Gingersnaps. You know – the good […]

toasty coconut almond bars
Toasty Coconut Almond Bars

One strategy I always use as part of Christmas baking is to always have a few favorite bar cookies that I can whip up in a hurry and have ready to fill out cookie trays or gift boxes without a lot of fuss. It’s also especially nice if the bar cookies are a little unusual […]

Mushroom Risotto
Homemade Mushroom Risotto

This past Mother’s Day was Sarah’s first Mother’s Day as a mom, so I wanted to make it as special as possible. Since we had a two week old baby at home, going out was not exactly feasible. In light of that, I decided to make Sarah a meal that consisted of several of her […]