Blackened Shrimp on the Grill

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You love em or you hate em. I swear I have never met anyone who was on the fence about shrimp.

But really I do not think I have met anyone who didn’t like them really. They rock.

You can do SO MUCH with them.

I love tempura shrimp. Shrimp cocktail. Butterflied and stuffed. I could go on and on but lets get to what this recipe is about.

 Blackened Shrimp on the Grill.

Now I won’t lie. We used a charcoal grill with natural briquettes. We DO use the gas grill on occasion. Like when we do not want to wait for the coals to start because we want that BURGER NOW! And you know by now we also cook over camp fires and in smokers and via microscope and a beam of hot sun light. But these shrimp taste best on the good ole charcoal grill.

We all have our favorite way to grill. It is a great debate! Gas or Charcoal. What is yours? Head over to the #GASC facebook page now and cast your vote for a chance to win a gift card!

And while you wait for the results of the contest, whip up some of these Blackened Shrimp on the Grill.

Blackened Shrimp on the Grill


Peel and devein your shrimp and blot dry with a paper towel.

Sprinkle a generous portion of blackening powder on the shrimps and toss to coat well.

Cook on a medium grill for about 5-7 minutes or until the shrimp are opaque.

Squeeze of lemon if you choose and devour with a cold beer.

Happy Friday!

PS. Don’t have the time or the patience to make your own rub? Check out the #GASC Bayou Blackening Seasoning mix.


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