Bar-B-Que Chicken Drumsticks

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Jon and I have been making barbequed drumsticks on the grill for a long time; they are quick, easy and tasty, but we’ve never used a rub. We’ve been missing out! The combination of the spicy rub and the spicy-sweet sauce is simply mouthwatering. Using the two together really ramps up the flavor. Juicy and chargrilled to perfection, these drumsticks are easy to prepare and are sure to please any crowd. We served ours with a side of face-puckeringly tangy cucumbers, onions and vinegar, seasoned with fresh dill.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t mention how delectable Shigs in Pit’s products are. The company recently opened a restaurant on Fairfield Avenue, just south of downtown Fort Wayne, Indiana. We visited a few weeks ago and were blown away by the complexity of flavors presented in the sauces. What a treat to find out their products are available at The Great American Spice Company! You should pick some up today.



Apply rub generously to all sides of the chicken drumsticks. Cover and place in refrigerator overnight. Place drumsticks directly on pre-heated grill, set to medium. Grill drumsticks, turning occasionally, until cooked through. While still on grill, brush each drumstick with Shigs in Pit Bar-B-Que sauce. Flip to caramelize sauce and apply sauce to other side of drumstick. Flip again and reapply sauce to all sides before removing from grill.


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