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The Great American Spice Company Presents Ginger Recipes
Great Ginger Recipes

Are you done with your holiday baking yet? Not so much, right? We like to get lots of treats baked up to share at Christmas, but there is so much to do, that sometimes we don’t get everything done that we’d like. We still have time though, and so do you! We asked some bloggers […]

Spice Up Thanksgiving on The Great American Spice Blog!
Spice up Thanksgiving!

Like all of you, we are planning our Thanksgiving Dinner. And maybe like us, you are thinking that you would like to stretch your wings a bit this year, and serve something new. Perhaps something with a little more heat than what we normally think of for Thanksgiving? We can help you out with that! […]

Great American Spice Company and 25 bloggers share cinnamon recipes!
25 Bloggers – 25 Cinnamon Recipes

Even though I hate to admit it, summer has more or less slipped through our fingers. It was just Labor Day weekend after all – a sure sign here in U.S. that it’s time to start raking leaves and eating pumpkin everything. And that also starts to turn our thoughts to making some comforting food […]

chuck steak chili on the creekside cook
10 Food Bloggers Share Their Favorite Chili Recipes!

I don’t think there is ever a bad time of year for chili. It is one of those meals that we can enjoy no matter what the weather may be doing. Here in Upstate NY, at the end of a nasty cold winter, we are still taking full advantage of its warm and inviting effects. […]

applesauce spice muffins
Applesauce Spice Muffins

Hasn’t this been an terrible winter? I don’t think any part of the country has escaped some part of the general awfulness of it. I know that for us here in Upstate NY, it has been especially brutal with nearly two whole months of below-zero temperatures, and snowfalls measured in feet, not inches. It’s not […]

spices for homemade breakfast sausage
Homemade Breakfast Sausage

Why, you might ask should I make homemade breakfast sausage when I can just go and buy it at the store? I can think of quite a few reasons actually. For me, the number one reason is that it’s just plain fun. Homemade sausage might seem like something that is too hard to do ourselves, […]

preparation of pizza rolls
Pizza Rolls

With No-Cook Tomato Dipping Sauce Here is another last minute recipe for your guests coming over to watch the big game this weekend! I’m not sure what it is that makes us feel that we must have something to munch on while we watch sports, but the two things do seem to be linked together […]

ingredients for sloppy joe sliders
Sloppy Joe Sliders

It is that time of year again – time to figure out what you are going to serve for your Super Bowl party! I have to admit that we aren’t huge football fans here at our house, but we still catch a few games every year and the Super Bowl is always one of them. […]

baked biscotti
Brownie Biscotti

Picture this: the gifts are all wrapped, the potatoes are peeled, the stockings are filled and you are finally sitting down for a few peaceful moments before a crowd of merry-makers descend upon your house. Not that you aren’t looking forward to the chaos to come – of course you are! Still, it is nice […]

cinnamon buttermilk french toast
Cinnamon Buttermilk French Toast

I mentioned last month how much we were looking forward to a week of family togetherness when we traveled to my sister and brother in law’s for Thanksgiving. Now, we are getting ready to spend the week at our daughter and son in law’s for Christmas – another wonderful time with family. One thing we […]